This week sees members of our Europe, Asia Pacific and North America teams attending the 22nd Biennial Conference of the Biology of Marine Mammals (the SMM for short).

The goal of the conference is to enhance collaboration, share ideas and improve the quality of research on marine mammals within the scientific community. Taking place in Halifax, Nova Scotia this year’s conferences has a focus on marine mammal conservation in a changing world.

This conference brings together international leaders in the field from every continent, interdisciplinary experts, policy makers, practitioners and next generation scientists. Attendees from more than 60 countries will facilitate collaboration, training and the development and encouragement of international partnerships and collaborations.

You can check out the full conference programme here and even watch some of the video speed talks which are a new addition for 2017 (search the programme for “video talks”).

We will be sharing our work from around the globe with 2 talks, 2 speed talks, 2 posters and a video presentation! Be sure to check out what we have been up to. We are also hosting a Tidal Energy showcase during the week, not to mention members of our team running or participating in workshops and even on the SMM Board! It’s going to be a busy week for us all.

And while you are thinking about conservation and preserving this planet, an interesting paper came out recently, looking at the environmental footprints of different groups, including ‘conservationists’, ‘economists’ and ‘medics. The study highlights interesting views on harmful behaviours (e.g. flights, meat eating, pet owning, large family size) and how we could do more to reduce their environmental footprint. It’s worth a read and your consideration!

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