This week Cormac and Ursula are attending and presenting at ESOMM 2018 (Effects of Sound in the Ocean on Marine Mammals) which is being held in combination with the 3rd Programme Review Meeting of the E&P Sound & Marine Life Joint Industry Programme (JIP) in The Netherlands.

The ESOMM meeting aims to link science and regulation and policy and involves an array of stakeholders including scientists, industry representatives, regulators and government. Both Ursula and Cormac are presenting in tomorrows session on Monitoring & Mitigation.

Cormacs presentation is entitled “AVADECAF: Assessing the ViAbility of Density Estimation for Cetaceans from passive Acoustic Fixed sensors (DECAF) throughout the Life Cycle of an Offshore E&P Field Development”. You can check out the full report for the AVADECF Project here.

Ursulas presentation is entitled “Low Visibility Real-time Monitoring Techniques Review”. You can check out the full Low Viz Report as well as the subsequent publication for more info.

Please see the Abstract Book for more info all the talks going on this week. There are some really interesting presentations lined up on the following topics:

  • Developments in policy, regulation and management
  • Hearing sensitivity, TTS-effects and physiology
  • Studies on captive animals
  • Controlled exposure experiments (CEE) or Behaviour response studies (BRS) in the field
  • Stress response of animals exposed to sound
  • Population-level and ecosystem level effects (PCOD and other)
  • Tag development
  • Assessment and mitigation software
  • Sources and sound propagation
  • Passive acoustic monitoring (PAM) / Detection, classification and localization (DCL) and tracking
  • Population estimation