Statistics are a tricky bunch. They’re often hard to understand, hard to implement and hard to interpret. That’s why when someone finds a way to explain statistics in possibly the most fun way possible (especially if you were born in the 70’s or 80’s), we need to post about it.

The amazing folks at StatsLife (taking inspiration from the Count Bayesie Blog) break down how to approach the tricky topic of Bayesian statistics using the awesome example of Han Solo, C3PO and the asteroid field from Empire Strikes Back.

Check out the full post here to understand how Bayesian statistics work! In short, C3PO has a preconceived (data-based) probability of success of the Millennium Falcon making through the asteroid field unharmed. But things change once you factor in that Han Solo is a badass – and that affects the posterior probability of success (like we say, check out the full post to maximise learning!):


(we often fail to account for bad-assery in our models…)

This is also a great opportunity to show the new Star Wars trailer (it’s Monday)…

To check out some of SMRU Consulting’s amazing stats, check out our Population Consequences of Disturbance (PCoD) model and some papers here and here (maybe more C3PO than Han…)