SMRU Consulting North America recently sponsored Coastal Connection Vancouver, a local networking event that strives to bring together professionals working on aquatic and marine ecosystems to share knowledge and to foster new collaborations.  This initiative aims to unite professionals working on assessment, research, and conservation and takes place biannually at Science World. The event is open to students and professionals in the academic, government, industry, and non-profit sectors and is subsidized by many great organizations throughout the city.


In line with our own mission, Coastal Connection Vancouver encourages professionals to bridge gaps across sectors and organizations, to share the latest developments in the field, and to create partnerships for future projects working towards common goals in marine science. What better way to spend an evening than with our fellow stats and biology nerds at such a great venue!

IMG_0408Dr. Ruth Joy, our biostatistician, gave one of the keynote talks on the topic of “Science in the Community” last fall and spoke about her myriad portfolio of work with citizen science programs across the province.

We look forward to meeting more colleagues at the next Coastal Connection Vancouver event. Be sure to follow their Twitter (@CoastConnectVan) and Facebook (Coastal Connection Vancouver) accounts for updates on the next opportunity to take part in Fall 2015.