This week, SMRU Consulting North America is participating in a workshop on biomonitoring (using animals to explore isolated habitats) and biologging (tracking animals to describe their behaviour).  The workshop, ‘Building a Bio-analytical Theory for the Analysis of Marine Mammal Movements’ is being held by the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies and is sponsored by the University of British Columbia, the Pacific Institute for Mathematical Sciences, and the Canadian Statistical Sciences Institute.

New tag technology has enabled us to amass large amounts of data from marine mammals at sea: everything from ocean temperature, salinity, chlorophyll and light levels to animal movement, speed, depth, and prey availability. This roundtable event is designed to create a multidisciplinary and international team of experts to discuss the limitations of these methods and to develop the corresponding and necessary analytical tools. Dr. Ruth Joy is an invited participant, and will be speaking on techniques to collect better tag data and appropriate analyses for time series data.

In conjunction with this workshop, a free public event will be held at the Vancouver Aquarium on May 6th at 7:00 pm. Be sure to register here to learn more about the secret lives of marine mammals!