We’re happy to announce that SMRU Consulting has just won a bid from the Offshore Energy and Research Association of Nova Scotia (OERA) and Innovate UK to help advance tidal energy. OERA is a non-profit organization dedicated to funding and facilitating collaborative offshore energy and environmental research and development on the Canadian east coast. Their mission is to lead environmental, renewable and geoscience energy research that enables the sustainable development of Nova Scotia energy resources through strategic partnerships with academia, government and industry. Innovate UK funds, supports, and connects innovated businesses to accelerate sustainable economic growth in the UK.

Our European and North American offices teamed up to submit a proposal entitled ‘Integrated active and passive acoustic system for environmental monitoring of fish and marine mammals in tidal energy sites’ along with other partners in the renewable energy industry including Emera Inc., Open Hydro Canada, Ocean Sonics Ltd., Acadia University, and Tritech Ltd. The aim of this joint UK-Canada research competition is to advance environmental monitoring, sensing, and instrumentation technologies for high flow marine environments.

We’re confident that the talent and expertise of our UK and Canadian teams will help solve some of the challenges associated with tidal energy and look forward to collaborating on this project for the next three years. Check out our tidal experience here.