The world’s oceans were celebrated yesterday. The oceans were celebrated for their diversity of life, their beauty and the resources that the oceans provide us with. These resources have a profound influence on the cultural, social and economic value of our coastal communities, and the global community at large.

Source: Unknown, but we thought it was so great that we wanted to share!

Here on the west coast of Canada is a coastal province some of us call home. British Columbia owes much of its identity to its coastal waters and the Pacific Ocean. Coastal First Nations have relied on inland and offshore waters for thousands of years and are accomplished fishers, sealers and whalers. Offshore commodities come to us by ship while the materials we trade with over-sea nations leave by ship. Logs from the lumber industry are moved up and down the coast by tug and barge, fishing is integral to the way of life for many. Remote and island communities rely on a network of ferries to stay connected, coastal tourism including wildlife viewing, sea kayaking, and coastal cruising is hugely popular with residents and foreign visitors alike. The coastal waters of BC are of huge economic importance to the province. This poster provides insight into both the value of the ocean as well as why a healthy ocean is even more valuable.

So while World Oceans Day was yesterday it is never too late to celebrate everything that the oceans bring us, no matter where we live!