Delivery of Innovative Solutions

SMRU Consulting is a global leader in marine mammal consulting and applied research. We deliver innovative, robust and environmentally sound solutions to clients active in the marine environment. We work closely with our academic partners, the Sea Mammal Research Unit (SMRU), the Centre for Research into Ecological and Environmental Modelling (CREEM) at the University of St. Andrews and the Applied Physics Laboratory at the University of Washington.

Expert Advice to Regulators & Government

SMRU Consulting provides sound strategic advice to regulators and government departments based on the latest marine mammal science and technologies. Alongside the University of St. Andrews, we have developed an interim framework for assessing the population consequences of noise disturbance on marine mammals (PCoD). We also regularly provide guidance documents on various elements of marine mammal science as it relates to regulation, monitoring and policy.

Our ClientsIndustry Focused Research & Development

Our team has a strong and diverse background in applied marine mammal research. Every member of our science team holds an advanced graduate degree in the field of marine mammal science and we are highly qualified to design and implement studies of marine mammal abundance and density, behaviour, distribution and habitat use, foraging ecology, movement, and passive acoustic monitoring. We provide bespoke research into marine mammal interactions with infrastructure and human activities and work with industry to develop novel technological marine mammal monitoring and mitigation solutions.

Monitoring & Impact Assessments

We provide specialist input to all stages of the EIA process, from screening through to post construction monitoring of marine mammals. We design, conduct visual and acoustic surveys and analyse data for marine mammals. We also work closely with our sister company, St. Andrews Instrumentation (SAIL) to develop and provide Decimus® technology to acoustically monitor marine mammals in real-time.