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Jesse Turner

Field Engineer


Jesse is a field engineer for the Coastal Acoustic Buoy (CAB) project at SMRU Consulting. A University of Washington graduate, he received his Bachelor of Science from the School of Oceanography in 2016. His senior thesis used hydrophones on the Cabled Array and NEPTUNE Observatory in the northeast Pacific Ocean to quantify variations in fin whale vocalizations. Additional collegiate research includes biogeochemical cycling offshore industrial coastlines in Qatar as well as assisting on cruises deploying the University of Washington’s Regional Scale Nodes Cabled Array on the Juan de Fuca plate in the Northeast Pacific. After spending a year studying methane emissions from Alaskan peatlands, he is happily circling back to cetacean science. On days off, he balances his love for the oceans with a passion for the mountains as an avid backcountry skier, climber, and backpacker.

Degrees and Education

  • 2016 University of Washington, BSc. Oceanography

Variations of fine whale vocalizations in the Northeast Pacific and the effects of environmental parameters on acoustic sensitivity.

Skills and Expertise

Passive Acoustic Monitoring: detection of fin whale calls for spatial and temporal analyses.

Field Experience: Long term research cruises and small boat experience


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Turner, J. C. (2016). Variations of fin whale vocalizations in the Northeast Pacific and the effects of environmental parameters on acoustic sensitivity. BS Thesis. University of Washington School of Oceanography.

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Key Projects

  • Developing the Coastal Acoustic Buoy (CAB) for marine mitigation work.

+1 360 370 5493

815 D Spring St. Unit 1

Friday Harbor, WA 98250