ACCURATE – ACoustic CUe RATEs for passive acoustic density information

ACCURATE project aims to deliver a comprehensive, quantitative synthesis of the current state of knowledge on acoustic cue rates and cue stability for marine mammal density estimation from passive acoustics.

The ultimate goal is to determine the most appropriate cue rates to use in particular setting (considering different contextual settings). To achieve this, the project has several objectives:

  1. To identify, review, compile and provide open access to all data available on cue rates (and their variability) across deep-diving and baleen species;
  2. To develop methods to estimate cue rates from different data types (e.g. time depth-data) and for different taxa;
  3. To apply these methods to species of interest for the Navy (including both deep divers and baleen whales);
  4. To explore the factors that determine cue rate variability over time and space;
  5. To evaluate impacts of cue rate variability on density estimates from cue-based methods;
  6. To compile and make freely available all information gathered and produced within this project.

Funding information

Reference: ACCURATE N3943019C2176 Project 42

Funder website: Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command


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