Magda Chudzinska

Magda Chudzinska

Statistical Consultant (Europe)


Magda is a statistical consultant at SMRU Consulting Europe. She joined the team in April  2021 and is currently involved in multiple projects investigating the potential impacts of marine developments on marine mammal behaviour and distribution. Her main scientific interests include marine mammal foraging ecology, understanding main physiological and environmental drivers behind their behaviour.

Degrees and Education

  • 2011-2014 Aarhus University, PhD Foraging behaviour of pink-footed geese during spring migration

  • 2007-2009  Aarhus University , MSc (by Research) Diving behaviour of harbour seals

  • 2006-2007 University Center in Svalbard, Artic marine terrestrial biology

  • 2002-2005 University of Gdansk, BSc Hons Oceanography

Skills and Expertise

Statistical analysis (linear regressions, distance sampling), Individual based modelling, Spatial analysis, Analysis of animal movement, Habitat Preferences, GIS (R and ArcGIS), Marine Mammal Behaviour and energetics


    Magda has been working in the field of marine mammal biology for seven years, both in the UK and abroad ( Denmark, Poland, Norway and Sweden), in the laboratory and in the field. She has ten years  experience in academia and two years consulting experience. her primary interests and experience are in marine mammal biology, foraging and movement ecology, individual behaviour, and effects of (natural and anthropogenic) stressors on marine mammals. Her expertise and experience span:

  • Assessing anthropogenic impacts on marine mammals: Via working on various projects related to offshore wind farms, building energetic and movement models helping to assess the effects of disturbance.
  • Foraging and movement ecology of seals: Understanding what determines dries influencing foraging of seals and which are the main intrinsic and extrinsic drivers influencing foraging movement of seals. She is the main constructor of AgentSeal: individual based model depicting movement of harbour seals.


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Since joining SMRU consulting in April 2021, Magda has been involved in projects including:

  • Cumulative Effects Framework for Key Ecological Receptors

  • Further development of marine mammal dynamic energy budgets models for application to environmental assesments and integration into the iPCoD framewor

  • Dublin Array OWF

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