11 05, 2018

The impacts of impulsive noise – Symposium announcement!

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We’re delighted to announce – and invite you to attend – the INPAS Symposium – exploring the effects of Impulsive Noise on Porpoises and Seals. […]

19 08, 2015

Seismic Surveys in Shallow Sites

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The sound propagation of seismic airguns differs under a range of environmental conditions. Until now, few studies have examined the characteristics and propagation of seismic airgun sounds in shallow waters. To investigate this, researchers from Aarhus University in Denmark analysed airgun pulses in shallow water to determine the potential effects on small marine mammals. […]

8 07, 2015

Ocean noise: how loud is too loud for bowhead whales?

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Bowhead whales are a highly adapted species, living in the cold waters of the Arctic and subarctic oceans of the northern hemisphere. They are members of the right whale family and are the longest living marine mammals in the world – some have been found to be over 200 years old! Bowhead whales face a variety [...]

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