As we close out another really good year for the company, working with great clients, funders and collaborators, it seemed like a good time for the team to look inside and reflect on how we can work together even better and more efficiently!

So we spent the day under the excellent leadership of Yong Kai Ow, who runs Equusity. We spent a key part of the day looking back and celebrating our successes from the last few years. It was great to see all that we had achieved, what had contributed to that success and helped us see what really makes us tick. Kai also helped us review our core values, which are key to our business and our team’s purpose. And we learned more about our teams superpowers, how to get the best out of conversations and improve empathy and understanding. That might sound ‘new-age’, but one of our best strengths is being able to understand and empathise with our clients to deliver the solutions they need. And Kai taught us great ways to make the most of that and extract the best out of each other.

It was a great day where we all learned a lot about each other, about how we give and receive communication and about how to make the best of our awesome team, and improve what we can offer the world!! If you’re interested, we certainly recommend reaching out to Kai at Equusity to run your own away day!