SMRU Consulting are sponsoring an amazing group of women who are currently skiing their way to the North Pole. The Women’s Euro-Arabian North Pole Expedition.

Check back here daily to see how their expedition is progressing and follow #northpole2018 across social media for updates.

Recent press coverage: BBC World coverage

Sunday 22nd 2018

The team arrived safely at the North Pole just before 1900 on the 21st April 2018.

Just over 80 km travelled in 7 days and with a particularly tough last leg. Yet sheer delight to have arrived at the North Pole.  Everyone was delighted to be reunited with Saudi team mate Mariam who flew out to the North Pole on the helicopter with Eugene Kaspersky the teams main sponsor. It was an emotional reunion for all the women.

The team have now flown to Barneo ice camp which is 45 km from the pole and tomorrow they will fly back to Longyearbyen.  Join us in wishing them many congratulations for their fantastic efforts #northpole2018


Saturday 21st 2018

A very quick update tonight with the team revealed that they are very close to the pole and that they are so keen to get there that they are trudging on a little bit longer tonight.  And today it is a bit of a trudge because it is only -9 °C / -16 °F and the snow is slushy and soft.

Friday April 20th 2018

Nearly there! The team had a really hard scrambling day through massive blue ice boulders. They exercised every single muscle hauling sledges and skis and people through the one ‘passable’ channel they found through a huge pressure ridge of ice.  It was a formidable challenge and the team are so proud to have made it through and keep on their way.

Only 7 km nearer the pole today but they are making great progress and in fantastic spirits!  Check out the phonecasts (like podcast but sat phone recorded) which they send in from their camps daily on their Expedition Live Page.

Here is today’s recording. It really is a great insight into their every day and their team dynamic:


Thursday April 19th 2018

Walrus in Svalbard. Photo Credit Iain McWilliam

Over half way now the team made great progress on some very flat terrain.  An obstacle course boulder field was the main challenge of the day which required a bunch of scrambling but the beauty of the blue ice blocks helps make that task less arduous.

Temperature was warm at -24°C / -11°F

Spirits are high and the team are all happy and smiling and enjoying their expedition.

Pre-expedition the team did some exploring around Longyearbyen and saw walrus.  Seeing one is on my bucket list.  But the next best thing is getting a picture through of one.

Wednesday April 18th 2018

The joy of a 4 km gain overnight was swiftly diminished with a slow trudge south around a ice boulder field, which was probably kicked up due to the shifting ice over night. You win some, you loose some!

The weather has been holding well for the first few days, but the wind is due to pick up a little tomorrow.  However, the team are so acclimatised they don’t even bother to check the temperature any more! I’m pretty sure  I would be obsessed by it.

Unfortunately one of the team has suffered some minor cold injuries and her trip to the pole has been cut short. Mariam is back at Barneo ice camp waiting for her team mates to return. We wish her a very speedy recovery.

Tuesday April 17th 2018

There is never anything so difficult as trying to keep up with your digital presence and keep connected with your colleagues than when out in the field.

The expedition to the North Pole continues apace though communications are proving more tricky in these first days than anticipated.  They are probably enjoying the the cyber-break, while those of us experiencing the Expedition virtually are so eager for icy updates.

Monday April 16th 2018


A tricky day on the ice for the all Women’s Euro-Arabian Expedition today.

But they still travelled 9.5km, thats 19.5 km total.  The weather is fantastic and the shifting ice and the blue ice are making for a spectacular journey!



Sunday April 15th 2018

The team flew through the night to the Arctic Ocean arriving at Barneo ice camp at 0600 on Sunday 15th April.  First impressions of the team were expressed by Felicity Aston MBE:

The frozen Arctic Ocean was both spectacular and terrifying to see.

The team lost no time in setting off and made a fantastic 10 km on their first day of the expedition.  Exhausted after 36 hours on no

sleep, the team pitched their tents and settled down for a well deserved rest.

The sea ice beneath the tents will continue to move as the team rest.  While pitching, movement was exactly sideways with no loss or gain on the pole.  Lets keep our fingers crossed for a little gain for them to speed their journey!

Home support weather update*

**I’m British, weather conversation is integral to daily life

  • Weather: Beautiful
  • Temperature: -38 °C / -36 °F

Team morale is super proud of their first day achievement and looking forward to the rest of their adventure.





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