Officials in Astoria, Washington have come up with a unique approach to dealing with problem sea lions in their port. The sea lions have seemingly taken up permanent residence, causing a ruckus and irritating local fishermen.

A local whale-watch company volunteered its orca shaped promotional boat to try to deter the large crowd of sea lions. Much to the dismay of the locals, the fake orca, named ‘Willy,’ faced a series of obstacles on its maiden voyage. After dealing with engine issues, Willy was towed towards the sea lions but capsized several times as a result of a passing ship. Although repairs are now needed, the fake orca was eventually uprighted and towed to its destination. Much to the dismay of the locals, the sea lions didn’t so much as budge, even once Willy was tied to the dock!

We’d say that’s an overall win for the pinnipeds!

For a good laugh, check out @Bessex_Joshua’s amazing Twitter timeline documenting the failed attempt. Check out our work on investigating how effective acoustic disturbance devices can be.