What is PCoD+?

PCoD+ is a 3 year project (2016-2019) funded by the Office of Naval Research to build upon all the work done to date on exploring the Population Consequences of Disturbance (PCoD).

Since it’s initial development, the interim PCoD framework (for renewables) has been used for offshore wind and tidal energy projects in the UK, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and most recently in North America, exploring the effects of US Navy sonar on Blainville’s beaked whales and sperm whales, shipping on killer whales and different noise sources on beluga whales. There are also researchers all over the world working on various elements of PCoD using different modelling approaches.

This new PCOD+ effort looks to build upon the extensive foundation of PCoD projects. However there is a lot of work to be done in this new applied field of marine mammal science. The overall objective of the PCoD+ project is to overcome the most important impediments that have limited the implementation of the PCoD framework.

The PCoD+ Team

We have assembled a project team with extensive experience of the development and application of PCoD models that will develop a widely-applicable and general approach for assessing the consequences of disturbance for marine mammal populations. The Principal Investigators for this project are:

The team will be supported by an equally-experienced Scientific Advisory Panel, and will build on the activities of the PCoD working group and the ONR- and SERDP-funded behavioral response studies. We will do this in close collaboration with two projects that have been funded by the E&P Sound and Marine Life JIP: “A Bioenergetic Model to Estimate the Population Consequences of Disturbance” (PI Dan Costa) and “Updating the Southall et al. (2007) Marine Mammal Noise Exposure Criteria” (PI Brandon Southall).

What is on these pages?

This website will be regularly updated as the project progresses. The “About” page provides a summary of the project and an outline of the key project tasks. The “Meetings” page will list any workshops, meetings and conference events as part of the project. The “Outputs” page will provide a list of PCoD+ outputs including reports and links to files as well as links to other key relevant PCoD literature.

To keep up to date with PCoD related news check out this link to the SMRU Consulting blog posts.