Cormac Booth

Ursula Verfuss

Principal Scientist · Bioacoustics (Europe)


Lead scientist and project manager for projects involving the effects of offshore industry on marine mammals. Provides specialist input into EIA’s and provides data and advice for mitigation studies relating to impacts on marine mammals.

Degrees and Education

  • 2009 University of Tübingen, Germany PhD Animal Physiology Excellent. The echolocation behaviour of harbour porpoises (Phocoena phocoena)
  • 1996 University of Tübingen, Germany Graduate Study (Diploma) Excellent. Foraging and echolocation behaviour of an Amazon  River dolphin (Inia geoffrensis) in captivity.
  • 1991 University of Münster, Germany. Basic Study Biology (Diploma) Excellent.


26 years’ experience studying and working within the marine mammal field. A wide range of practical, analytical and management skills developed through involvement with many European projects.

  • Extensive experience in underwater acoustics and bioacoustics, including passive acoustic monitoring (using various devices), of marine mammals throughout northern European waters.
  • Vast experience in different monitoring types and strategies through comparative studies of monitoring methods (e.g., visual, infra-red, passive and active acoustics).
  • Team leader of the Harbour porpoise research team at the German Oceanographic Museum, Stralsund, Germany.
  • Scientific advisor to the “Standard Investigation of the impacts of offshore wind turbines on the marine environment” (StUK 3, StUK 4) for the German Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency.
  • Scientific contributor for international agreements on cetacean conservation (ASCOBANS, HELCOM, ICES)
  • Organisation of several workshops and conferences, including an international symposium “Towards an environmentally sound offshore wind energy deployment” in January 2012.
  • Nine years board member of the European Cetacean Society.


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  • SNH Noise Abatement Systems Review
  • IOGP Marine Animal Monitoring with Autonomous Vehicles
  • IOGP Low Visibility Real Time Monitoring
  • South Stream Offshore Pipeline
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