Cormac Booth

Kaitlin Palmer

Senior Research Scientist (NA)


Kaitlin brings to the team ten years of experience studying all aspects of conservation acoustics ranging from animal communication to propagation modelling to neural network detectors and statistical modelling. Kaitlin has completed degrees in biology and engineering from College of the Atlantic, Penn State, and the Sea Mammal Research Unit at the St Andrews, Scotland. Following her PhD she worked as a post-doctoral fellow in machine learning at San Diego State University. Kaitlin’s interests include fully leveraging imperfect datasets through the use of a broad array of statistical tools and algorithms. In her spare time Kaitlin enjoys a variety of mountain sports, figure skating, and making bioacoustics recordings in her own back yard.

Degree and Education

  • BA, College of the Atlantic
  • Masters of Engineering, Penn State
  • PhD University of St. Andrews
  • Post Doc San Diego State University

Skills and Expertise

Detection and Classification, Neural Networks, Passive Acoustic Monitoring, Bayesian Statistics, Habitat modelling

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Key Projects

  • Developing the Coastal Acoustic Buoy (CAB) for marine mitigation work.
  • Commercial vessel noise monitoring and mitigation assessments for the Port of Vancouver’s ECHO program, including the summer 2017 Haro Strait voluntary vessel slow down trial.
  • Environmental Effects Monitoring Program for FORCE at a tidal turbine demonstration site in the Bay of Fundy
  • A simple detection and classification algorithm for Southern Resident and Biggs killer whales using freely available software (PAMGuard)


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