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Madalina Matei

Project Scientist (EU)


Maddie Matei is a Project Scientists at SMRU Consulting Europe. During her degrees at the University of St Andrews, she has gained experience regarding PAM analysis, animal behaviour, and visual monitoring of cetaceans. She is particularly interested in the development of automated detection and classification algorithms for marine mammal vocalisations and is currently working on an acoustic classifier for the echolocation clicks of the southern resident killer whales from British Columbia. Her undergraduate research project focused on the occurrence and foraging behaviour of delphinid species in Hawaii using autonomous recorders. Other research interests include marine mammal ecology and species distribution in relation to oceanography, communication and cognition, and responses to anthropogenic stressors.

Degrees and Education

  • 2020 University of St Andrews, BSc (Hons) Marine Biology

  • 2020 – present University of St Andrews, MSc (by Research) Biology (killer whale bioacoustics)

Skills and Expertise

Bioacoustics: PAMguard, Raven, Triton

Statistical analysis and machine learning: R, Matlab

Databases: SQLiteVisual monitoring: land-based cetacean surveys


  • INANIN (INvestigating ANthropogenic noise INterference on marine mammal vocalizations in Northern Norway)

  • Passive Acoustic Monitoring Analyses – NNG and Seagreen.

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