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Chloe Malinka

Senior Research Scientist (EU)


Chloe is a Senior Research Scientist at SMRU Consulting. She joined the team in September 2021 and is presently focused on projects concerning bioacoustics, noise impacts, and soundscape monitoring within SMRU Consulting.

Chloe has dual experience in conducting both blue skies research (in bioacoustics, sensory ecology, and acoustic behaviour) and applied monitoring work in the marine renewables sector in Canada and in the UK. Doing so using biologging and passive acoustic monitoring technologies has given her a broad understanding of both how marine animals perceive their environment, and how we, as environmental monitors, interpret their movements and behaviours.

Degrees and Education

  • 2021 Aarhus University, Denmark, PhD Biology. Thesis: “Biosonar on narrow-band high-frequency toothed whales: Sampling a dynamic, multi-target world”

  • 2014 University of St Andrews, Scotland, MRes Marine Mammal Science (with distinction)

  • 2013 Dalhousie University, Canada BSc (Hons, Co-op) Marine Biology and Oceanography

Skills and Expertise

Passive Acoustic Monitoring


Sensory ecology



Since joining SMRU Consulting in September 2021, Chloe has been involved in projects including:

  • Port of Vancouver’s ECHO program (Enhancing Cetacean habitat and Observations), investigating noise levels n connection to vessel slowdowns

  • Lime Kiln ambient noise analysis


+44 (0)1334 466011

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